Friday, September 12, 2008

That Friday feeling....

There's some kind of bizarre time warp going on today. My new school year resolution is to definitely be out of school every Friday by 1pm and to always try to make it out earlier.

Because if I'm late, my afternoon off turns into nothing more than a quick coffee before picking Molly up from school.
But if I'm early, just like today. something wonderful happens. Time slows down to a crawl and I keep looking at the clock amazed that after having coffee, lunch, a sit down, read all my outstanding newsfeeds on bloglines, closed a few tabs by writing about them and tidying up the house I've still got nearly two hours to go.

Now off to get another coffee, then a bit more blogging whilst listening to Simon Mayo's afternoon programme. For me, it's a great afternoon's relaxing. The only thing that could make it better was if Mayo and Kermode were on from 2-3 rather than 3-4. That way I could listen to it in full instead of catching it on the podcast later.

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