Thursday, October 16, 2008

Buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzz. That's the inside of my head that is.

Having a really crappy week. At the risk of repeating myself and being frankly boring my back is really playing up, I'm on painkillers and anti-inflams and they're not really working. Or maybe they are and I just haven't noticed. Maybe this is the new normal? Maybe this is what I should be used to now?

On top of that I seem to have a headache most of the time at night. Most likely this is down to a chronic lack of sleep.

But the computer is buzzing at me. Annoyingly, low whiny, buzzy noises. And I can't work out whether it's the computer or my ears. Louise says it's about as loud as it used to be so I guess it's my ears getting worse then.

Which is more bad news then. Tinitus getting worse. Fan-fucking-tastic. Noise and more noise. Low level buzzy noises, ambient noise. Tinitus. buzzy, buzzy, buzzy. All the time. Especially late at night. Which is when I write most stuff. Arse.

And I can't drink on these painkillers for my back.
And when I wake up in a few hours I have the prospect of 6 hours of Learning Platform Vision Day. That will be fun.

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