Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wanted - Graphic Novels for a small bookshop to try....

The local bookshop where I live; Simply Books of Pocklington, is a wonderful place. Tiny, cosy and an wonderfully inviting bookshop run by locals who care not only about the books but also about the town. (Just look at these great pictures from the Harry Potter book launch to see what I mean).

They've decided to move into slightly bigger premises from the incredibly tiny shop they have at the moment. And I happened to email the owner and congratulate her on her move and suggested that she might want to think about stocking some graphic novels.

She's very keen, but has no idea what to order to try it out. I've got ideas, of course, and will be talking to her about them. But I thought it would be interesting and fun to see what everyone else thought about it. What would you stock in a small bookshop to accurately reflect the medium? To start you off, I think a small adult selection of maybe 10 titles and a slightly larger children's selection would be good.

Over to you.... comments or email.....

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  1. Being unsure about your local "youth" population, I would hate to make a generalisation, but it seems to always be safe to suggest trying the odd manga title!
    Manga was a "phase" according to all accounts that should have peaked and dropped off at least 3 years ago, but has suprised everyone (except the people who actually sold the stuff and dealt with the fans daily!) by still going strong! Ha! They thought it wouldnt last!

    Happy to help with specific suggestions dependant on what the population of the areas like if you want...