Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hideously huge work project # 1: Learning Platform

Last week we had a training day about the Learning Platform we're getting as part of the governement initiative to have an online presence for all children. Basically it's an education intranet. Each school gets their own learning platform and I get to sort ours out.

It shall be hell.

We were at a meeting a while back when one of the primary heads who's become a bit of a Learning Platform poster boy was quizzed on it. He and his deputy have been working on it pretty much 50% of their week for a year.

They've got the staff onto it. And the governors. They're hoping to get the children on later in year 2. And the parents? Year 3 they think.

3 years to get an ICT project off the ground?
3 years in ICT is a lifetime.
Bloody ridiculous.
And I get to be the fool trying to do it at our school.
Can you feel the enthusiasm?

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