Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hideously huge work project # 2: Website & Blog

Now this isn't that bad in terms of it's actually going to be bloody useful.
The problem is that we've got an old, crappy website.
And we've also got a nice shiny easy to use website.

But what I haven't got is any time at all to get stuff from one to the other.
Nor have I any time to make the new website look great.

Because I don't care how good it looks, how easy it's meant to be, you just know that it takes ages to get used to anything new like this. A whole new infrastructure and command system to get my head round.

Not something that can be done between lessons in the odd five minutes really. Plus while I'm not getting time to do the new website we're still actively using the old website and I'm needing to update that one.
Not enough time. Never enough time.....

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