Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hideously huge work project # 3: Becta ICT Mark

And here's the final one.
The Becta ICT Mark.
On the face of it a really good idea. The school gets to show off how good it's ICT provision is.

But looking into it the other week myself and the ICT co-ord realised just how much bloody work is involved.

Like all of these things it's really just an excuse in paper pushing leading to a nice award we can put on the letterheads.
Evidence after evidence after evidence. We had a rough tot up when we looked at the website.
We reckon 96 separate pieces of written evidence are needed.

Surely that's just a little over-zealous?

So that makes three very large projects to fit into my working week. And of course, since my main role, the bit I love, is looking after children and get them doing great ICT, I have a grand total of 10 hours free to get all of the techy stuff done. And like all techy things there's the extras, the problems, the faults and the bitty stuff to fit into that. So maybe 5 hours all in of time to do these three huge things?

Looks like they may take a while doesn't it?

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