Saturday, October 11, 2008

I love my chair .......

Well, after having the last one for over 10 years I finally went out today and got myself a new chair for the office. After having sat on the last one for so long, until it's giving me no support and the pad under my backside is little more than a board with a thin layer of cotton over it.

Getting the new chair is just part of a number of changes I'm trying to make happen to try and do something positive about my back. After all, if I just took what the doctor said as gospel, I'd be just moaning about this troublesome back and chomping down more and more painkillers.

So tonight I sit it a chair that feels like it is gently caressing my buttocks whilst giving me a back massage at the same time. In fact it may be slightly counterproductive to writing as I'm currently just sitting and rocking gently back and forth in the chair rather than typing stuff.

I love my chair and it loves me back......

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