Saturday, October 11, 2008

Old, Old, Old, Old, Old. Knackered, Knackered, Knackered, Knackered.

My back hurts.

In fact my back has hurt for ages. I do what I can to make it better and some days it's okay. But last week it went again. I was doing all the usual stuff, all the exercises, sitting rifht at the computer, using the back rest, getting up regularly, all of the things the physiotherapist told me to do when I went there about a year ago. But nothing seemed to make it better. After being in some agony over the weekend at the comic show I phoned the doctor and made an appointment.

You know there's no point visiting the doctor about the problem when he listens carefully to your moaning and then asks you what else you think we can do. So essentially I just got a lecture about back pain, some notes and some stronger painkiillers.

I wandered home feeling utterly crap, very old and rather worn out. This weekend I shall be resting. Don't expect much on the blog.

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