Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Event part 2: Molly's First Holy Communion

A long time ago, I booked up to head off to the Birmingham Comics Show for both days and looking forward to a great weekend of catching up with old friends and making new ones whilst surrounding myself in comics.

Then the priest went and changed the date for Molly's first Holy Communion.
See here for details on my thoughts on this. I shant bore you with them here.

Basically, for Louise, it's very important. For me it's essentially meaningless and a waste of time but a nice excuse to see Molly doing something nice. For Molly it's just a day out in a pretty dress with friends and family and a party thrown in. Okay, perhaps that's a little harsh. Molly does believe in God and wants to do the Communion thing. But like I've said before she may believe in God, but she believes in Father Christmas and the Tooth Fairy as well. By the time she's 12 I expect all three to be exposed for the nice stories that they are. Of course, I'll actually miss the other two.

But today was all about Molly feeling special. Which is why I was sat last night in a Diamond retailers drinks event (more on which later in the week) having an orange juice and working out how long it was going to take me to get home and how many stops i'd need to just stay awake. In the end it took 3 hours. I got home around 2am.

Oh joy. Up at 9am. Tired, tired, tired, tired. Shower. Tired still. Get dressed. Still tired.
You get the idea.

Visitors start arriving at 10 and we head off to the church for 11. As cynical and nasty as I am about the whole Catholic Church thing, it was a wonderful day. Molly wore a beautiful dress, behaved wonderfully and basically made us so very happy.

Even the sun shone all day for her. But then again, when she's around it always does, whatever the weather.

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  1. I CANNOT believe how grown up she is!