Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend - moving house but not ours

Spent all weekend moving mom and dad into their new house. Am now completely exhausted. To the point where doing anything that involves thought, especially creative, reasoned thought is nigh impossible.

A rather trying experience really. It started early on Friday. The removal van arrives at their old house in Dudley at 8am and they start the packing and loading. Working solidly the removal men are all done and on the road at midday.

We told mom and dad they had to be ready to be on the road as the removal van left. But in the end, it was 2:30pm before they set off. At 3pm the removal van turns up outside our house, having been given instructions to do this by dad if they weren't in Pocklington in time. Mom & Dad eventually show up at 6, long after we'd told the removal men to park up and turn up for unloading in the morning. In the end it wasn't so bad, as the Pocklington house they were buying was owned by an old couple as well, who were just as bad at organising themselves as mom and dad are. So at 4pm and then 5pm we got worried phone calls from the lady asking for more time to move out. At this point Louise and I realised that we'd suddenly become the move organisers.

Resigned to this wonderful new role, we got up nice and early Saturday morning and headed down to the house. Which is where we've spent the last couple of days. Exhausted, aching and mentally and physically wiped out - perfect for a Monday morning at work.

The good news is that all of the hard work seems to have paid off and mom and dad are settled in and mostly unpacked. Louise and I have worked our arses off to get them to this state. Kichen, Lounge, Dining Room, Bedrooms - all done. All that's left is dad's study and the garage. But there's still work to be done in between the paid schoolwork, the writing, the blog, the reviewing, the catching up with schoolwork etc etc.

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