Friday, November 07, 2008

Learning Platform installed. Still haven't seen it.

Today, after a bit of a nightmare with the server locking up and having to be restarted, we had our Learning Platform installation. Done remotely by a nice man from RM called Richard. So once he was online and off I just got on with other stuff.

Other stuff involved website work and, in the background, trying to rid one of the staff's machines of all the horrible bugs, viruses, trojans and spycrap they've picked up. My ongoing advice to the staff in circumstances like this: If you have older boys and they go online; buy them their own laptop. That way when they inevitably screw it up you have your own , clean one and can make them pay to get theirs cleaned. The crap they've picked up is just great. I keep throwing programs at it, they keep finding new and interesting nasties to delete. But I'm winning, slowly but steadily. Of course, I have the impression that the last few are going to be the ones that make me give in completely.

Anyway, the Learning Platform has been installed.
Possibly. He finished at 4pm I was told. Whether he actually finished or just gave up I have no idea yet. Hopefully the network is intact and working still in the morning.
Of course, even if the Learning Platform is working I have no intention and definitely no time spare to even think about it for a while. But seeing as the closest deadline for it is next year, I think a few months off to get the new website sorted would be fine.

One interesting aside, it's all very well choosing something that you think is incredibly funny / cute / sexy as a user name or email address or screen name; but you should really think about when it will be used and what context it's used in. Such was the problem today. The nice gentlemen remote logged on to the server and started doing the install. User name? Welsh Wizard. Not as silly as the email address I was once given by someone at a school conference once. Is sexgodpete@hotmail really the right email address to give out in these circumstances?

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