Thursday, November 06, 2008

Molly's adventures at Bridlington Spa.....

On Tuesday night we went to Bridlington Spa to see Molly and 500 other schoolchildren take part in a big gala concert. The children are forming the East Riding Massed Choir and will travel down to London next Tuesday to take part in the School Proms at the Royal Albert Hall.

Obviously with this sort of thing there's a lot of trepidation. Will it be 2 hours of your usual school concert where you sit there and politely clap the children for playing instruments badly and singing rather weakly and often slightly out of tune, all because your own child is appearing for 1 minute and you want to see them perform.

But I'm pleased to say it was genuinely brilliant. It was organised by Woldgate College and had a couple of their choirs singing, together with one from South Hunsley School and 8 different primary schools from the area. And every single performance was excellent. A surprisingly enjoyable night was had by all.

Part of the reason the whole thing worked, a very large part actually, was the work put in by Sam Dunkley; music coordinator at Woldgate. He's young, talented, full of energy and absolutely loved by all of the children. It also seems he's a rather talented young folk-y singer/songwriter.

But next week is the real test of it all. Sadly Louise and I wont be going down, but Molly is heading off at 7:30am to get to London, rehearse in the afternoon, sing in the evening and then head back. They should get back to pocklington about 3am. Bloody long day. But she'll love it and the opportunity to perform at the Royal Albert Hall is not to be missed.

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