Saturday, November 08, 2008

London Underground Comics - Straight outta Camden

News hit yesterday that Oli Smith, Sean Azzopardi, Oliver Lambden and the gang at London Underground Comics are on the way from Camden Lock market to pastures new:

Over to Oli:

As some of you may know London Underground Comics has enjoyed over a year of successful selling at its weekly stall in Camden Lock Market, it has been open for over seventy days, selling over five thousand comics to the unsuspecting sightseers of London. And it’s been great.

But on the 20th of December, London Underground Comics packs it’s Camden knapsack and moves on to pastures new. Next year will see our core team continue to pioneer new methods of selling comics to the public; in the pipeline are film festivals, music gigs and art exhibitions, kids workshops and club nights.

Thought you’d seen it all? Think again. Because next year sees the start of even bigger, better and more stylish comics festivals at the same affordable price for artists that we have always championed. We’ll have live music, films and exhibitions in some of the sexiest venues in London, and to show you what we mean, I give you:


On the 13th of December LUC will be taking over the Alphabet Bar in Oxford Circus. Heralding the start of a week long exhibition of comics and original art, this Christmas extravaganza starts at 12, goes on until past midnight and features a stylish ground floor, food serving bar and a basement gallery with a DJ booth, comfy couches and comics.

Free for the public, exhibitors will display their art on the walls and their comics on a giant communal table for just £3 per person. Bring your friends and family and come celebrate Christmas, comics style. London Underground Comics is dead, long live London Underground Comics

Brave move, but not unexpected. After all, the one thing we've grown accostombed to now is that Oli and the gang never do what we expect. Whatever comes next, I'm sure it's going to be great.

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