Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Uncollecteds: Slight Return - Matt Wagner's Demon

Back in August this year I put out the call to various comic folks looking to make a list of the essential comics that just weren’t available except as expensive rarities or bargain bin specials. These were comics that desperately needed collecting, so I thought long and hard and finally came up with the title of The Uncollecteds.

I thought I’d covered all of mine, but on a little trawl through the works of Matt Wagner recently looking for images for the Grendel review I was writing I realised I’d missed one:

Matt Wagner’s Demon.

Demon 1.jpg

A 4 issue limited series from DC. Published 1986. Taking Kirby’s character back to basics and utilising Alan Moore’s clever little trick of making Entrigan a rhyming demon, Wagner brought the character back for 4 great issues where the demon and it’s human host both have plans to free themselves from the other.

Recently Matt Wagner has gone on record to say that Entrigan is coming back in the pages of his Vertigo series Madame Xanadu. From the sounds of it (I haven’t seen the comic in question) it sounds like a minor walk on, but maybe this will encourage DC to do the decent thing with this Uncollected.

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