Thursday, November 27, 2008

Molly growing up. Too late to stop it now.....

Molly. 9 years old. Wonderful, marvellous child of mine.

Tonight she headed off with a friend to the pictures for the first time without grown ups around. It was off to see High School Musical 3 as a treat. Definitely one of her films of the year and more than likely one of mine as well. Just complete and utter simple fun.

But it does mean that, despite all our best attempts, she's growing up. Not fair. Really not fair. It will be teenager before I know it. Something to really look forward to there.

And whilst speaking of Molly, did we all see her interview last night? I interviewed her about the DFC as part of the series of articles I'm doing about thi sgreat comic. It's here at the FPI blog and cross posted here at Fictions.

Nicest quote so far is from Tom Spurgeon:
"over at Forbidden Planet International's always must-read blog Richard Bruton interviews Molly Bruton, age 9, about The DFC kids' comic. I dare you not to smile at some point during that interview."

Because Molly makes everyone smile. It's her superpower. I hope it's always the same. No matter how grown up she may get.

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