Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Molly's Royal Albert Hall Adventure ...... a long day closes..

God that was a loooong day.
Yesterday Molly performed at the Royal Albert Hall with the East Riding of Yorkshire Massed Choir.
Up at 6 something. School at 7:30. She head down to London, afternoon rehearsal at the Albert, evening performance. Travels back in the dead of night and eventually gets into Pocklington at 3am. She was so very tired last night, but incredibly excited as well, packed with adrenaline at having such a great trip.

All went well and the actual concert went really well according to those who saw it. Everyone involved did spectacularly well.

But it's left all three of us absolutely exhausted. Molly had this morning off school and Louise took the day off to stay in with her. I went into work and frankly just zombied myself through the day. I'm turning in soon to try to avoid my inevitable waking up of the brain in a couple of hours. The body's just given up on me.

But we're so glad she did it. Something she'll never ever forget - 11 November 2008; the day she sang at the Royal Albert Hall

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