Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sitting and waiting, Molly's return....

Flash forward at least 7 years (I hope) and I'm sure I'll be sitting here waiting for her to walk through the door or to receive the phone call asking to be picked up from some shithole or other she's been out at. But right now, she's 9 and currently on her way back from her performance at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the Schools Proms 2008.

So I'm sat here, feeling bloody tired and a little antsy about it all. One of the parents we know is on the parents coach that was arranged and he's going to text when they get to Howden, to give us half an hour to get up to school to pick her up. God knows what she's going to be like when she gets off the coach. Completely exhausted and out on her feet? Hyper beyond belief?

But it will be lovely to have her back. The house has been very quiet tonight and although I know it's a sound I'll have to get used to in an all too short time, it's not one I look forward to and will be loving having her back to fill the house with childish and wonderful things.

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