Monday, November 10, 2008

Molly's Royal Albert Hall adventure begins in 7 hours....

Molly is off early tomorrow morning to take part in the East Riding Massed School Choir at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the 2008 School Proms. This is the real thing. Last weeks performance in front of 1000 people at Bridlington Spa was just the rehearsal. Tomorrow night it's 5000 people!

We're at school to see the coach go at 7:45am and she wont be back until 3am ish on Wednesday morning. Rather a long day for a 9 year old. But it's just one of those things she shouldn't miss out on. After all, how many of us can say we've sung at the Royal Albert Hall?

Of course, not everyone has been so supportive of the project. Several local primary schools said no. Not enough education content. Too long a day. Or some other daft reason. Having an enormous road trip, travelling through the night and getting onto stage at the RAH - these are the things Molly will remember when she looks back on her school days. Not literacy, not numeracy. To deny children this sort of experience is tragic and shortsightedness beyond belief.

This is not to say that we wont be jittery as all hell tomorrow before she gets back. But everyone wish her well and think of her singing at around 9pm. She's going to be so very, very tired!

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