Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thought Bubble - Molly's sketch book.....

This was Molly's first time at a comics thing. She was looking forward to it greatly and had an absolutely wonderful time. The best thing for her was getting the sketches you can see below:

(and cuddly toys - it wouldn't be Molly if there wasn't a cuddly toy involved somewhere).

First sketch of the day. And Molly's first sketch that she asked for herself: Oliver East of the great Trains Are ... Mint.

Dave Windett - artist on Lazarus Lemming at The DFC.

Matthew Craig drew her another lovely Hondle sketch. Lovely.

After missing Simone Lia in the morning, we came back after lunch and this was the first thing we insisted that we do. But Simone was nice enough to do Fluffy for me and Sausage (of the DFC's Sausage & Carrot) for Molly.

Another DFC fave of Mollys: Emma Vieceli. She draws Violet in the DFC each week. We caught Emma at the end of the day, almost as she was getting ready to go. Unbeknownst to us she's nursing a sore elbow but was still very lovely and did this wonderful sketch of Molly a little more grown up than she is now, but still with Molly's distinctive flick in her hair where she twirls it. Molly absolutely loves it; pointing out to everyone who's seen it that this is her when she's older.

And finally, the wonderful Badger by Howard Hardiman. Molly & I love Badger. And it's extra special for Molly because we went back in the afternoon as a special treat and got one of the wonderful crocheted Badgers made by Robin. You can see badger in the next picture, taken by Molly to show us what else she came back from the convention with. Molly assures Howard that Badger isn't scared of the big white skeleton teddy thing and that he's settling into his new home very well.

So that was it for Thought Bubble 2008. I can see absolutely nothing stoppping both of us coming back for Thought Bubble 2009. It was a fantastic show. Britain's best comic show? I think so. Thanks to all the organisers and especially to Tamsin for helping me out.

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