Thursday, November 20, 2008

E-mail and tab closing......

The last few nights have been absolutely fantastic. Instead of feeling wiped out and lethargic and then finally getting bits of things done in the early hours I've actually been able to get myself motivated, organised and productive to the point where Sunday, Monday and Tuesday saw me just plowing through stuff, head down, fingers tapping, Kraftwerk on the i-pod and loads of things being done.

Reviews are written, Thought Bubble has been written about, people I had to thank for stuff at Thought Bubble have been thanked, people I had to say sorry that I missed you have been apologised to, school work has been done. In fact, everything's gone really well. To the extent that, each night, I've sat and worked at my desk and been surprised to look and see it's not yet 11 o'clock. Normally, if I've managed to get some stuff done, it's at least 2am and maybe later. Of course, realising it was 11pm meant I then had at least 2 and a half hours extra. But surprisingly, I used this time well as well.

However, tonight has been a bit disappointing.

My mistake was sitting and watching the England v Germany football. Feeling increasingly sleepy all the way through the second half I nodded off to miss the end and woke with a horrible headache and feeling really out of it. This has only really worn off in the last half hour.
So tonight has been spent trying to clear a bulging email inbox, writing replies and messages to folks and then dealing with trying to close a huge number of tabs that Firefox has open at the moment.

That done, I can now settle down and start working.
Or I could go to bed.
I think I know what the answer to that conundrum will be. And I think you do as well.

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