Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas over ......

And it barely even began. Between various house woes, molly being under the weather with a bad cough and me being generally a bit inexplicably down it's been a bit of a low key Christmas really. But Molly's had a great time apart from being kept up some nights with this horrible hacking cough.

Christmas Eve passed a lot easier than previous years and I managed to sneak my way to bed about 3am after Santa had been. We even had a slight lie-in from previous years and were woken by a very excited little girl at 6am and wandered, bleary eyed but happily downstairs for this:

Lots of very happy present opening moments followed. She got quite a few of the things she'd put down on her Christmas list and much more. Santa had obviously been listening this year. The main thing she got was this:

It's a Roby doll. 63cm tall in all it's glory. It may look rather scary, but she really, really wanted it and who are we to argue with that. Plus he gets his own pushchair, which frankly is big enough to actually hold a proper baby in. She's lovingly looked after him since Christmas Day, getting him changed, introducing him to the zoo of cuddley toys in her bedroom and proudly pushing him around Pocklington today.

My main present of course was this thing that I'm typing this blog post out on, the gorgeous asus eepc. I'm still getting used to it, and the keyboard in particular is proving a little small, but I imagine after another month of use i'll have it sussed and will be typing about as fast and as accurately as i manage on a full size keyboard.

The rest of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and today passed by in rather a blur of nothingness, the way Christmas has a tendency to. Somehow it's now Sunday and we're in that post Christmas lull. A couple more things have gone wrong with the house and I've rather lapsed into a fit of the black dog tonight. Nothing in particular has triggered it, just a combination of many little things and possibly a sense of end of another year ennui. I imagine I'll snap out of it sometime before new years.

One thing I really must do is try to sort out my shitty sleep patterns. New Years seems as good a time as any to do something about it. I'd love to be the sort of person who gets up with the lark, raring to go for another new day.

So all in all, it's been a fairly low key and down Christmas for me at bruton mansions. But for Molly, it's been an absolute triumph. She's loved this one possibly more than any other. being that little bit older has meant even more excitement, even more involvement and even more magic if that were possible. Like I've said before we're hoping this isn't the last proper Christmas we have with her as a believer, but if it is, I think it's been a wonderful one for her to go out on. But I'm really keeping everything crossed that we'll have Christmas 2009 as well. After that, she's at secondary school for Christmas 2010 and we don't hold out much hope of having her believing at that point. It's such a shame that she has to grow up.

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