Sunday, December 28, 2008

PROPAGANDA Best of 2008

Nearly forgot - I've just posted my personal best of 2008 over at the FPI blog. The main feature's here, but the highlights are......

In no particular order, here’s the five I loved most this year.

Oliver East Trains are Mint Blank Slate.jpg

Trains Are … Mint - Oliver East (Blank Slate) (review)

badger cover.JPG

Badger - Howard Hardiman (self published) (full review here)


Laika - Nick Abadzis (1st Second) (review)


Hondle - Matthew Craig (self published) (review)


Spirit Volume 2 - Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone (DC Comics) (review)

And now I’m finished with my favourite 5, my 9 year old Molly wanted to chip in with her favourites. Molly’s no stranger to the FPI blog and this year saw her first ever interview about the DFC appear on our pages. Needless to say, all of her three faves this year are from the DFC. Every week, without fail, she scours the comic for these three:

Crab Lane Crew - Jim Medway (review)

Vern & Lettuce - Sarah McIntyre (review)

Sausage & Carrots - Simone Lia (review)

DFC cover.jpg lettuce_sm.gif sausage_carrots.jpg

And there's more at the FPI blog. Go look.

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