Sunday, December 07, 2008

Computers - pah!

Have spent a lot of today tinkering (or is it just avoiding doing stuff?). Louise and Molly headed into York this morning to get a bit of Christmas shopping done. I wasn't allowed on the trip - think they were buying me my present perhaps - Molly is ever so sweet when it comes to keeping secrets like this. She tries to keep them, she really does. But I just know at some point between now and Christmas Eve she'll blurt it out. Bless her.

Anyway, whilst they were away the plan was to get lots done. Except that disappeared when the computer decided it wasn't going to play nice. You see, over the past couple of days I've been doing the tweaking Windows on the Asus Eee PC to try and reduce the footprint. And seeing as it worked so well, I figured it was worth a shot on the main computer as well. Ooops.

Suddenly it can't see various programs and I have to spend the afternoon reinstalling programs and finding obscure dll files. Joy.

Everything seems to be running okay again now, but that did mean that all the time I had spare to be doing things today vanished. So after Molly went to bed I tried to catch up. Which meant I was trying too hard to get it all done, which means I got bogged down in just how much stuff I really need to get done before Christmas, which means I accomplished almost nothing except stressing myself out some more.

Great day. Bloody computers. (Yeah, like it's the computers fault that I started messing around.)

On the plus side the Asus Eee PC is looking good. After various bits of tweaking it's running fast and clean. After the Libretto it's taken a little bit of getting used to. The keyboard is bigger which is good, but the bloody touchpad just gets in the way of my style of typing. I tend to leave my thumbs hanging below the space bar and I end up scrolling all over the place. Of course, the fact I can sit anywhere in the house and get online more than makes up for this and I'm sure I'll be used to the keyboard and trackpad in no time.

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