Saturday, December 06, 2008

DFC # 28 - out now!

This weeks DFC arrived yesterday. It's got a beautiful Woodrow Pheonix cover - his "That's a Horse of a Different Colour" one pagers usually have Molly and I scratching our heads for a moment before laughing at the answer. (Sometimes we have to cheat though). What common phrase does the cover hold this week?

It was the finale of the first Violet series this week by Emma Vieceli. Molly's really warmed to this one over the weeks and is disappointed to see it go. Although next week's Winter Special Violet strip is very welcome.

But after the disappointment of losing Violet we did get an unexpected surprise this week - a full page of Sausage and Carrots as well as the back cover 4-panel strip. There's more Vern & Lettuce, more Crab Lane Crew to please us both. The Mighty M by Laura Howell continues and shows a good line of slapstick and looks like it's going to be a fave.

One Molly doesn't get, but I'm enjoying more and more in this second season is Neil Cameron's Mo-Bot High.

As usual, get the DFC by subscribing at the website. And if you're after an unusual Christmas present for someone younger I can think of nothing better than a subscription.

(Oh - the answer to the cover puzzle - It's raining cats and dogs)

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