Saturday, December 06, 2008

Molly gets more stuff - Jim Medway artwork.

The DFC week is ovr, but Molly's absolutely invaluable contributions continue to be recognised. After spending quite a while this past week and a bit with Molly talking about the DFC, including her interview and various bits of artwork of her favourite characters, I thought you might be interested to see this:

Copy of Jim Medway

I emailed Jim a while back and talked to him about the DFC and his responses to it. I also mentioned how disappointed Molly was that he wasn't at either BICS or Thought Bubble. And how she really wanted to get a sketch. He said it would be a pleasure and I could use it as incentive to get some reviews and interview out of Molly.

I used the word "sketch" to mean just that - quick black and white line drawing. I certainly had no idea Jim had something all together more along the lines of finished art. Amazing.

Jim Medway - a bloody marvellous man. Molly is ecstatic. It's getting framed and going up at the top of the stairs - "So everybody who comes to see us gets to see it" was Molly's reasoning. Can't argue with that at all. Of course, this is Louise's worst nightmare coming true - artwork and comics beginning to creep out into the rest of the house.

A huge thank you to Jim Medway for a beautiful piece.

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