Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cerebus diablog, 1 issue down, 299 to go.

Cerebus diablog FPI.gif

Laura Hudson & Leigh Walton have just started their Cerebus diablog. They intend to read and write about every single issue of the 300 issue Cerebus series by Dave Sim, one issue per week. Which means they’re going to be going at this until sometime in 2014. A huge undertaking.They’re both coming at it fom a point of the new reader to Cerebus, neither of them having plowed through the 300 issues before.

But like all things of this nature, the impressive idea only works if the writing behind it is good. Luckily, based on the first post on issue 1, we’re on safe ground here. It’s well written and fascinating to read a fresh view on the character. Of course, right now they’re in the early bits. They’ve got the best bits of High Society, Church & State and Jaka’s Story to look forward to in 2009, 2010 and 2011. But then the going gets harder with the later issues. Good luck to them for that.

Cerebus diablog; one to bookmark.

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