Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dredd Concept Art by Jock

As reported by IO9. Whether or not you think a new Dredd movie is a good idea or not, it’s still good to see they’ve got Jock on board doing the concept art for the movie. Jock is the superbly talented artist from Vertigo’s Losers & Hellblazer, DC’s Green Arrow Year One and much 2000AD work:

Dredd Jock FPI blog.jpg

Personally I didn’t think that the original Dredd movie was as bad as it’s often made out to be. But then again, I was never passionately attached to 2000AD growing up so there wasn’t the feeling of them messing with something I held dear. And I know it’s very easy to get over-excited about concept art, but that is a very nice picture of ol’ Joe isn’t it?
(via Mark)

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