Saturday, January 03, 2009

Doctor Who? Matt Smith? Doctor Who?

So that’s it then. The new 11th Doctor Who is Matt Smith.


All of the speculation, all of the hype. It’s now been replaced by cries of Who? Who is Who?

So congratulations to Steven Moffat for keeping it so quiet and spinning the speculation away from Matt Smith. Everyone was wrong. Rich Johnston called it for Matt Smith earlier today via twitter. But it does mean that his daughter doesn’t get new shoes for a while because Rich put a bet on Paterson Joseph.

Matt Smith is the youngest Doctor yet at 26 and his C.V. is hardly substantial, with his biggest part so far being Party Animals and The Ruby In The Smoke (with that strange Docotr Who synchronicity of sharing the screen with Billie Piper). And there’s this interview with Smith in the London Theatre Guide. And a piece on with an article entitled “That Face To Watch”. Oh how right that proved to me.

But I imagine the Internet will be awash with information about him in the next few months. The backlash will probably start with cries of “he’s too young” but this happens every single time the Doctor regenerates. The only way we’ll know for sure is when the 11th Doctor takes his place sometime in 2010. (Unless some of the wilder rumours about Tennant stepping down earlier than planned due to the back problem are true.)

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