Sunday, January 04, 2009

Year Plans for 2009 ....... and the back to school weekend.

As sometimes happens I was emailing a friend the other night (hi Dave) and suddenly realised some of the things I'd written were blog worthy. Recycling is good you see.

Well, the christmas tree is down and school starts on Monday. But all is good and the glass is half full again! That's the big change about being up here. I remember dreading going back to school after holidays when I was at Smiths Wood. The final weekend of the school holiday was always a down time. There was never any joy about going back to school at Smithhs Wood. It was just too hard to go back into that aggresive environment where the majority of the children were what most people would casually describe as the classic representation of an underclass. Smiths Wood was a horrible place. All of the worst aspects of a modern down at heel sink estate. And even wheen I worked at Lordswood Girls' School - one of the better secondary schools in Birmingham that wasn't a Grammar School - the dread of going back was real. But that was always about the management at the school. I must get around to writing more about that at some point. But not here.

Anyway, the back to school dread just doesn't exist up here. Of course, given the choice I'd rather spend time not working than working. But the job I have isn't all that bad. Of course, with the way ICT is going now I'm actually beginning to start talking about social media - blogging club may well start this year, I fancy setting up some of the pupils on things like twitter. Looking very exciting. Although it's going to be a bloody lot of hard work, it's something I'm looking forward to. Of course, before all that I actually have to transfer our old website over to a new website that I've got to build and structure.

As for the blog and the reviews I'm really trying to keep the number of things I'm doing to an acceptable level as it all rather got away from me last year. I've got 30 books on the shelf to review and once they're done I want to try to cut it back to 8 a month. 2 a week should be doable.

After that I really want to try flexing the writing a little and actually start pitching stuff at magazines. Of course, I've picked perhaps the worst time ever to try this. No bugger is selling work at the moment to mags. But I want to bloody try. Of course, this time next year when I'm looking back I may not have done a bloody thing, but who knows?

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