Saturday, January 24, 2009

The highlight of Molly's week: Buddying

She received the call last week, the thing she had been waiting for for so long.

Molly was going to be a Buddy. Once a week she'll be going from the year 5 & 6 playground to the little ones playground and by virtue of wearing a bright orange sash she becomes a magnet for tiny little people, who want her to play, help, peel oranges and see her as some sort of fun climbing frame. Basically it's a playground assistant in miniature form.

So she goes to bed Wednesday night and it's the last thing she talks about, so full of happiness. Next morning, it's pouring with rain and there's no chance she's going to be outside today. Her face was a picture of complete misery, barely holding back the tears. But the fates must have been smiling on her (well, who can blame them really?) and by break the sun had been out a little but not enough to make a big difference. It looks like the buddy session will be off, until the Teaching Assistant from the class comes in with the great news that their playground is dry and they need Molly to come round.

One of those moments that I really would have loved to have seen her face. It was still ecstatic hours later as she told me all about it. She's already started talking about what games she's going to play with them next week and it wouldn't surprise me to find her playing buddys with all of her cudddly toys tomorrow.

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