Saturday, January 24, 2009

Noel's HQ - saving Britain, one patronising skit at a time.

I had the great misfortune of watching Noel's HQ tonight. Where dear old Noel decides he's going to save Britain, one patronising skit at a time.

The most annoying thing about this was the segment on Empire Direct. A couple of pensioners were on with a sob story about a fridge and cooker that they'd carefully saved £10 a week for over 18 months. They then went out and paid cash for them. Empire Direct promptly go bust and the administrators are called in. Noel & Keith Chegwin wade in and try to chase the items up, eventually buying the old dears a new fridge and cooker. The old dears had to go without a holiday last year so they could get the white goods.

Poor things. Seemed a little ridiculous really. Old couple who are out a fridge and a cooker and might have to go without another holiday to save up for them again or the poor bastards who were working for Empire Direct who can't make the mortgage this month. Who really needs our sympathy now?

After that he presents a youngster who saved his mom and friend from a burning car with free tickets to We Will Rock You. Surely that's more of a punishment for a music lover?


  1. Anonymous8:47 PM

    i agree! i AM one of the poor bastards of empire direct who, with two kids, a wife, the normal monthly bills and the mortgage to pay. we've had no pay since 19th december. on monday, the week before pay day (that's five weeks so far) we're told sorry, no job, go home. please claim EVERYTHING of the government and oh yes, that'll take about another 8 weeks to get. yes i sympathise with the customers in NHQ, but what about the staff? everyone now thinks that we all knew what was going on in the boardroom!

  2. Anonymous1:02 PM

    This is the sort of appaling TV that tabloids like the News of the World and The Daily Mail want to replace Jonathon Ross with. Gah!