Thursday, January 29, 2009

Learning Platforms and falling asleep in training sessions

I couldn't help it. We'd done a long morning in the ICT suite on the Learning Platform. Back from lunch at the local pub who do an excellent buffet spread for us on training days so we thought we'd have the lunch out for a change. And the ICT suite is boiling hot, yet some of the trainees are moaning it's cold and can we leave the air con off. I've got a throbbing headache and then my eyes start going.

I did the falling asleep in my seat thing for a few minutes until I decided I needed a break and went and looked in on the Year 1 class doing some word processing in another (cooler) room. That seemed to clear my head enough to get through the rest of the session.

The Learning Platform is still a huge thing hanging round my neck, but we're going to try and encourage (railroad) some of the teachers to take on responsibilities for certain sections. That makes it a little easier in the long term. but short term is still the complete set up of all the architecture. And by short term I mean all of summer term at least. Because I'm determined to get the new website absolutely sorted and finished by the end of March. Seems so far away but technically it's just 37 days away and I've got an awful lot to get done. But at least it's not something ridiculously laborious and longwinded (like the Learning Platform for example).

After school it was a quick dash across to Beverley for the Orthodontist. Molly will need braces at some point but today was just a preliminary thing where he looked at her mouth for 5 minutes and told us to come back in 18 months. Strange dentist though. The actual room had four dentist's chairs in it, all in a row with no partitions at all. We were the only people in there but I imagine when they have the place full it's even stranger. With the harsh lights and dental apparatus around it looked like some high tech spacelab of some sort. very strange.

Tomorrow it's back to normal at school and that's my week done. I've got Friday as a work from home day again - NHBC are coming round to look at the roof and agree with us that it's a shit job and the builder deserves shooting. Although I imagine the bloke wont quite phrase it that way...

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