Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Of Learning Platforms, Battlestars and Lost

Battling another cold (combination of the weather, working with lots of small germ carrying children and being absolutely worn out - sleep worse than ever recently. Tonight I may be in bed before 4am; a definite improvement) so blogging has been sporadic at best. Forgive me all of the reposting of reviews. They've rather build up in my "to be posted" pile. I may as well fire them all off in one go.

To add to the misery of another cold, today was another one of those Learning Platform Training Days. Except this one was, if anything, even worse than the rest; as it was just a recap for the teaching staff of various schools on the stuff I did a while back. The idea was that we'd host it and put in several staff over the two days. Unfortunately it seems every other training course in the world decided to clash with these days so we had one of our teachers for half a day today and two tomorrow. The day didn't start out well either as the trainer couldn't log into the RM site and for a few minutes of early morning panic we thought it was our network that had gone down. Luckily we found out it was a general east Riding thing - they'd upgraded their connection overnight and thins had rather messed up.

After that it was a day of mind crushing boredom. At one point this afternoon I was nearly asleep; head doing the lolling thing so much that I had to excuse myself and head off for fresh air.

And as is the way with these things, come the end of the day I actually found myself a lot more tired than if I'd actually been at work properly all day. So tonights been a rest night. No reviews, no blogging (until now), no website work for school. Instead it was Battlestar Galactica and the repeat of the double episode opener for the new season of Lost. Now, having not watched anything of Lost since season one and the occasional accidental viewing of a couple of season finales, I thought I might have trouble getting into it and was perfectly prepared to head for bed early. Except I found a You Tube summary of the last 4 seasons in 8 minutes that did the trick and I really rather enjoyed the two hours spent watching the new season.

The summary video is here. I may continue with the rest of the series. Maybe Tuesday will become my night off. There's a novel idea.

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