Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh what a horrible week that was, tales of insomnia continued:

Well, not really insomnia. That's technically a problem getting to sleep. I have a problem getting to bed recently. Even more than usual my brain has decided to zombie out on me until very late and I'm finding myself up until 3am, sometimes 4am. Not good at all.
And then I find myself feeling like absolute crap at 6pm and have that horrible sick with tiredness feeling for a couple of hours. Yes, I know that this is not normal. Yes, I know I really should do something about it. Must try harder I suppose.

On top of that we're still having various problems with this bloody roof and the never-ending leaks. After having the builder tell us that he'd had to lay his men off and wasn't going to be able to help us (even though he's meant to under the NHBC guarantee because all the leaks are ones that we reported 18 months ago, during the initial 2 years of the house) we got in touch with the NHBC and they sent people out, who reported back, giving the builder 14 days each time to reply. Eventually it went out to the NHBC's external contractors who came and investigated and gave the builder 14 weeks to get in touch again.

At each stage we made it clear we thought it was stupid. Builder was never that good at communicating and after saying he definitely wasn't going to help, we somehow doubted he'd have a change of heart now.

Of course, eventually the contractor/investigator did hear from the builder who told them that he'd had to lay his men off and couldn't finish the works. Nearly 3 months for the contractor to find out what Louise had told them on the phone in the very first instance. So it's back to the NHBC and hopefully a date for them to come round and assess what work needs doing.

The thing that really gets me about this is that our twat of a builder is just playing the system. Now, as far as I understand it he's either a builder, operating under the NHBC standard or he isn't. But our idiot thinks he can just turn round and stop being a builder for a bit it seems. He likes to have the NHBC mark since it proves how good and professional he is.

Next time he does start trading I swear I'm finding out where he's building and I'm staging my own little demo with banners, sign, flyers and plenty of chanting.

Okay, rant over.

School was horrible for some of this week as well. It was the training days for the next stage of the Learning Platform training. Two days, mind-numbing. And at the back of it all was the realisation that it's going to involve so much bloody work. Even the best estimate says 4 hours admin time per week to get it set up over at least two years. That's going to work isn't it?

Apart from the Learning Platform my week, indeed my entire term is going to be involved in setting up and populating the new school website before we stop paying for the old on in April. It sounded so far away when we decided this last June. Not so bloody far away now though, oh no.

Okay, back to the other main thing that's keeping me up at night; reviews. You may remember me mentioning that I was going to try to reduce the amount of books to review on the reading shelf. Well, that hasn't really worked. So far this month I've managed a pitiful 6 reviews written and now have 30 things to review on the shelf. Ouch.

Back to work, back to work. Aiming for a 3am bedtime tonight, which would be better than the 4 or 5am I've managed so far. It's like zombie dawn around here at 7am when Molly tries to wake me. And then it's night of the living dead around 6pm when I crash completely. But I'm determined to change.
No really. Stop laughing at the back.

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