Monday, January 26, 2009

Rumour Killing - Captain Britian not cancelled

At the end of the week rumours started circulating that Captain Britain & MI-13 has been cancelled. Now I read and reviewed issue 1 of this comic and really enjoyed it, and I'm one of those waiting for the first collection to carry on reading.

The good news is that those rumours were just rumours;

Captain Britain & MI-13 is not cancelled, and according to the piece on Newsarama, Marvel assures everyone that it's a healthy book. Which is nice to hear.

However, Mark over on his great blog; The Sword Is Drawn puts forward a very good argument as to why we should all be heading to our local comic shops or even online to pick up the latest issue (Issue 10) which is due in stores on the 12th of February in the UK. And if you want a really good reason to pick up that issue:


(Yep, Doctor Doom and Dracula. On the moon, with a lunar lander. In Captain Britain. Intriguing enough to go out and buy the comic?)

The recent Panini collection of issues 1-4 of the comic has pretty much sold out and Panini are going back to press for a 2nd printing. Definite proof of how many of us are out there waiting for the trade. And I imagine when the Marvel edition comes out in mid February, that should do good business as well. That should be proof, if proof were needed at Marvel that this is a great comic with a large following and deserves to be around for a long, long time.

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