Sunday, January 25, 2009

Schools adopting new (old) technology badly:

Molly's school has recently begun using text messaging to keep parents in touch with breaking news and the like. This works exceptionally well, although the school has placed great emphasis on parents having to keep the school up to date with mobile contact numbers.

However, they do seem rather blind to the inherent problems of the system and seem to rely on it a little too much regardless of any problems.

For example, given that I work in a local village school in the middle of a signal dead zone, and the only place I can get even a weak signal in school is by walking out of the front gates and 20 yards up the road, maybe it's not the best idea to text me twice during the day to tell me that Molly's football practice after school is cancelled. I did get the message, at 4:20, on my way to the car as I left school to pick her up. Luckily, Molly's teacher stays late and didn't mind having her in the classroom helping out.

But it does point out the obvious problems of using new technologies in schools. There has to be a mixture of new and old to ensure blanket coverage. Otherwise the new tech just counts as a fail.

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