Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Things that make you go huh? Helen Killer.....

Saw this ad on CBR:

God help me, I had to find out.

Yes, it really is what I thought it was. Ladies & Gentlemen, the synoposis for Helen Killer #1:
1901, Helen Keller, with the aid of a fantastical device invented by her friend and mentor, Alexander Graham Bell, regains her sight and hearing as well as near super-human strength and agility. Helen is enlisted by the Secret Service to protect President William McKinley who has been targeted for assassination by Anarchists. As a deeper conspiracy to destroy America unfolds around her, Helen discovers that her new abilities come with a dark and terrifying price.

Yes, that's the Helen Keller. God bless comics for making me smile and continually proving that there really is no idea too dumb to be made into a comic. But the best came with a little investigating of the website. The tagline for this MySpace ad had me nearly falling off the chair. And we thought Will Eisner got a raw deal with the Spirit movie......

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