Sunday, January 25, 2009

What I did on my work from home day..

Friday's should be a half day for me. that's what I'm meant to work, but when I started the job I got into the habit of staying on and getting extra stuff done instead of leaving. Eventually I decided that I really needed to take the afternoon and have been trying very hard to make the very best of Fridays now. A regular Friday now consists of settling down with coffee, lunch, Radio 5 and a bit of reading or writing before picking Molly up from school. A lovely relaxing end to the week.

But this week I had to drop the car in to be looked at - apparently a grinding noise on the brakes is not a good thing. Nothing wrong that a clean and check couldn't solve though. This meant that there was no way I'd be able to get into school without having to work late. So a work from home day was arranged.

I've decided I like them. Drop Molly off, drop car off, back home for coffee, do a morning's work on the website and then a little reading and writing whilst waiting for the roofer. With our leaky roof still being leaky we've finally managed to get the NHBC around next week to look at what needs doing. I figured it might be a good idea to get a second opinion in advance. And the nice roofer came in and told me that it's just a bloody bad job and he's seen this sort of thing before. But the better news is that it can be fixed, all I have to do is get the NHBC to agree with what the nice roofer man said.

After that it was an afternoon of writing. First up, a quick comment or two on the current situation with Diamond Comic Distributors putting up their minimum order purchase threshold (essentially if Diamond don't think your comic will make the minimum they wont carry it). That quick comment took most of the afternoon and the results can be seen here on the FPI blog.

But despite not getting done half what I wanted to do, despite still having to be working a bit late in the night again it's still a great thing this working from home lark.

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  1. Totally agree - working from home, even if it is still a job, certainly beats having to go into the office! Unfortunately for me - engineering requires some pretty heavy equipment that I just can't carry home sometimes!! Which is why I'm working on a proper "stay at home" plan...