Monday, February 02, 2009

Birmingham weekender; Rachel's 18th

This weekend we travelled down to old Birmingham for Rachel's 18th birthday party. Rachel is Louise's niece and somehow managed to convince her parents that it was a very good idea to let her hold the party at their house. This insanity was somehow validated by Rachel's numerous friends all being delightful, polite and generally lovely.

Of course, put that many 17 & 18 year olds in close proximity to alcohol and there's bound to be casualties: the first was at just 10 o'clock, as one girl passes out in the loo and gets carried upstairs to lie down. Lightweight. And after that we had lots of staggering and very polite drunkeness. Oh, the joys of being young! We were with all the family and the old folk inside the house, whilst the young people wandered between the gazebo in the garden, the toilets and the drinks.

One strange thing about all these teens; despite having beers and stupidly coloured alcopop things in the gazebo, a hell of a lot of them ended up raiding the bottles of spirits in the kitchen. So at half eleven I ran out of Gin. Luckily, Rachel has an older sister and Helen had a secret stash of Gin. Thank you Helen (your replacement bottle shall be with you soon).

Molly had a great time, was pronounced cute many, many times and rather enjoyed both the attention and staying up until 1am. Thanks very much to Rachel and family for the lovely night. I imagine they spent today clearing up the wreckage left by that many teenagers, no matter how nice!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with folks and visiting Birmingham. As usual, this meant a visit to Nostalgia & Comics. Lovely to see folks again and nice to actually spend some time browsing comic shelves for good stuff. Had to be very strong this time and try not to grab too much stuff. The grand plan of trying to reduce the 30+ books to review on the shelf. Did alright as well, only added four more things to the shelf.

A busy weekend but a very good one. Happy Birthday to Rachel and thanks very much for inviting us all.

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