Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow. Chaos. Britain whinges. Britain should be quiet and go outside, it's lovely.

Every time it snows, without fail, all we get is the phone-in shows full of the same miserable swines bemoaning the fact that they can't get into work and the roads are in chaos and where are the snow plows and why aren't the buses running and is this really the sprit that got us through the blitz? etc etc etc. For hours.

They often point out that other countries cope really well with snow. And that's true. But these other countries; Norway, Sweden etc, all have one thing in common - they have a lot of bloody snow. And because they have a lot of bloody snow they have every reason to spend an awful lot of money on specialised equipment to deal with all of the snow.

Britain, on the other hand, has perhaps one or two snowfalls a year. This one is the worst in many years. The maths are very simple: do you want to spend the money to make the country run smoothly on the two days a week it's worthwhile or would it be far better to spend it on something more useful?

So please, stop moaning. The country can cope without you at work for one or two days. Everything will be fine. Look outside; clean, white, beautiful snow. Relax. If you're able, stick warm gear on and make snowmen. If you're not able, stick the fire on, make a lovely hot coffee and enjoy the beauty out of your window.

I'm off to pick Molly up from her school in a moment. And then we're going to be making snowmen and throwing snowballs. And then we'll spend an hour by the fire thawing out. But it will have been worth it.

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