Saturday, February 28, 2009

DFC Friday- Issue 39

Latest issue of the DFC dropped through the letter box yesterday: yellow and red envelope promising great things as always. However, I've had very little time to look through it so far today, as things have been busy, busy, busy today.

However I did get chance to flick through and read our favourites, which luckily happen to be the quickies. As usual they're all looking great; Lil' Cutie, Bodkin and the Bear, Sausage and Carrots all excellent. Julian Hanshaw's Chicken Caesar Jnr begins to get really interesting, not going for the immediate gag, not going for cute, but trying something far harder; somewhere in-between. So the entire page, of the clumsy chef's son trying to help dad by putting the cherry on the top of the world's biggest trifle, is all about the final panel which doesn't go for the obvious gag but bravely cuts away to a reaction shot after the fact. It's very well done indeed.

Finally a mention about Sarah McIntyre's Vern and Lettuce. Still a favourite for many reasons. But one of the reasons is because it looks nothing like anything else in the comic, with those lush yet muted colours always looking so lovely. And this episode you really notice it with the device of putting a newspaper behind the strip yet having it poke through;

And to think this was meant to be a quick post between getting some stuff sorted.

DFC as usual is available from the website

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