Saturday, February 28, 2009

A bunch of bankers.

Found floating around the Internet (okay, it was from Guido). Obviously not real, but a perfect encapsulation of everything wrong with the situation: £693,000 per year. From the age of 50. £13327 per week. £79 per hour. Well that doesn't stick in the craw at all.

My favourite moment of it all so far: Peter Mandelson (noted beacon of all things good and righteous) on camera saying that Fred Goodwin should "do the right thing". Much spluttering into coffee and shouting at television followed.

Despite it probably being impossible I'd love to see the government just tell Goodwin to naff off, give him a state pension from 65 and tell him to sue. But instead I fear this unrecognisable Labour government will limp along, haemorrhaging support from lifelong Labour supporters like me until the next general election. Louise already has a bet on with me that Cameron's lot will get in (normal house bet rules: takeout as prize). And right now I feel like just admitting defeat here and buying takeout tonight as her winnings.

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