Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of half term post

Tomorrow (Today) marks the last day of half term. Back to school on Monday for Molly and I. Molly's school has finally relented and allowed the girls to wear trousers. But only for winter. Which leads us to the petinent question - when does winter end? (obvious gag in Yorkshire - about 2 weeks before it starts again)

But Molly always goes into summer dresses very early anyway, so we've told her that she can wear the trousers next winter when she's a Year 6. How mean?

The half term's been a lovely relaxing week that seems to have been going on forever. I've done very little actual school work this week, just a little tinkering with the website here and there. But I have managed to get 8 reviews done in just 6 days, which is fantastic work. (Of course, they may be complete rubbish) Oh, there's still a hefty chunk of books left on the review shelf but I can see a time when I'm actually back on top of it fairly soon.

Of course, back to school, back to work, back to being exhausted of an evening and being hugely unproductive await. That might put a dent in the plans.

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