Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lily Allen redux......

Okay, after the initial post about the Lily Allen album I have to revisit and refresh. A couple of days ago I pointed out that:
You find me a better pop opener this year than the one-two punch of Everyone's At It and The Fear and I shall be amazed. And after that there's at least 5 other good to great songs on the album. Of course that does leave about 5 duds / filler tracks - but that's what the delete key in iTunes is for.

But since then I've been listening to it some more and it's so much better than I gave it credit in those few words:

Tracks 1-7 are all great, especially the aforementioned Everyone's At It and The Fear.

Track 8, the stupid, childish yet surprisingly fun Fuck You has a Carpenters intro and backing that leads into an expletive laden song that is almost unplayable in this household - something like 41 Fuck Yous in 3 minutes 35 in a perfectly sing-a-long style.

Bizarrely track 9: Who'd Have Known is almost exactly the same song as Take That's Shine. I was sat here puzzling over what it reminded me of when Louise popped her head round the door and pointed it out.

It's almost a relief to have track 10 & 11 show a drop in quality (although extra points to Ms Allen for rhyming Suicidal with Creedance Clearwater Revival). But then it's back to one of the best on the album with He Wasn't There, a jazzy, laid back tale of (presumably) parental neglect from old Keith which just rounds it all off so well

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