Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More homework - Rupert Wood and his Merry Men

Today, the plan was to get up, go out shopping, get home, do homework and have lunch, then play games all afternoon. This didn't take into account the small matter of her homework taking ages and ages and ages to get done. Research myths and legends and write about them and then write a story on Robin Hood using the worksheet provided. Having looked at the sheet and realised how much stress we'd be going through if we did it straight off, we both agreed to play it for laughs. So Robin Hood is now Rupert Wood, a slightly crazy person hanging around Sherwood Park in Nottingham, giving fruit to the poor. The poor would rather have cash. meanwhile Mr Thomas E Sherbert and his friend Marion are taking a walk through the park dressed for the fancy dress party they are going to. Mistaken identity gags follow.....

Finally finished it about ten minutes ago. Now having coffee before an afternoon of Disney Trivial Pursuit and marbles (Molly's choice).

And what do I get for my efforts? My great reward for all my help? We're off to see Beverley Hills Chihuahua tonight at 5:30. Oh joy.

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