Friday, February 27, 2009

New U2 album - joint listening in Bruton mansions

Downloaded the U2 album - Louise being a big fan and all. So it's been on over the weekend along with the big love fest on the BBC. Louise is enjoying it and I'm grudgingly thinking a couple of the tracks aren't bad at all. And there's the fun game of trying to name the U2 song from the past that they've ripped off on many of the tracks. Our favourite is Magnificent where we think we've spotted three different songs in the new one.

The one thing we can't work out is why they're so aggresively promoting it. Louise summed it up by saying that the U2 of a few years ago wouldn't have been on Jonathan Ross and the rest. Now, is it a lack of confidence in the album or just the reverse; a feeling of intense pride?

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