Sunday, February 08, 2009

New York Comic Con weekend

This weekend was New York Comic Con weekend. Where th eassembled mass of US and UK pros gather to get drunk and do some networking. (Or are they the same thing? Ben McCool, I'm thinking of you).

Expect stories to come thick and fast as the news filters out. But of course, the silliest and most entertaining are the wonderful people who get costumed up for the weekend. There's a ton of these on Flickr, but this was the best set I found to give you a feel of the place; Muckster's NYCC set.

It's a lovely idea, and I'd really like to think that Wolverine guy got up in the morning, put the costume on and thought to himself "I shall go and have fun looking all fat and stupid". But I think he probably looked in the mirror and thought how cool he looked.
As for Mystique girl; always a good idea to check how quickly the body paint rubs off. Halfway through day 1 and you just look a bit silly.

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