Sunday, February 08, 2009

Early night fail

Another night of failing to get to bed early. My problem, as I've written about many times before is that my body and brain wake up at 11ish and by 1, 2am I'm actually wide awake. Tonight (okay, last night, but you know what I mean) I had planned to watch QI, then Match Of The Day and then head to bed around midnight. Match of the Day finishes and I decide to pick up the latest Love Film disc and start watching it.

So instead of going to bed I watched 96 minutes of Hancock. Bed would have been better. Hancock was alright, but really nothing special. And now it's nearly 3am and I'm still awake. It's no wonder I feel like crap in a morning.
Okay then, now to bed. Tomorrow will be the first day of a new regime of early nights. Which is anytime before 2am for me.

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