Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Day.

Yep, today it snowed. A lot.
My school called it early so I knew I wasn't going in anyway. Which was pretty lucky seeing as I'd stayed up to watch the fantastic Superbowl. (So much for the pledge to try to get to bed earlier). But Molly's school decided to open which meant taking a rather pissed off child through all this gloriously fresh white stuff this morning. Oh she was not happy.

Come half ten and I get the call that they're shutting at lunch and can we pick up. Out I go again, into the slightly less virgin, slightly more churned up ugly brown stuff and pick up a very excited child. I was pretty much soaked with snowballs by the time we made it out of the school gates. Molly has a good throwing arm.

After that it was across to West Green for snowballs, snow angels, diving into snow and making snowmen. And although the hands went red with cold very quickly it was a glorious day.

We're now waiting to see if the forecast big drop of snow will ever get to us. It's still looking an awful lot like rain. But Molly went to sleep tonight with all her fingers crossed and a prayer for snow on her lips.

Pics of the day:

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