Saturday, February 07, 2009

Twitter for the masses

Twitter is suddenly everywhere. I can always tell when something has made it overground because the teachers start talking about it. And this week I've had two of them asking about this Twitter thing. But they're not the only ones it seems. I can barely turn on the TV or the radio without some mention of it. There was the recent Jonathan Ross / Stephen Fry chat on his show. Russell Brand's on now. So, I hear, is Chris Moyles. And today 5 live was awash with it. Mayo and Kermode's (Wittertainment) film reviews were all over it. And once the BBC attaches to it, everyone does. But what seems like Twitter's very own jump the shark moment came when Phillip Schofield joined in.

It's all that Stephen Fry's fault of course! If he wasn't so wonderfully nice and beloved by everyone, we maybe wouldn't have had this explosion of celeb twittering. But it's too late to go back now!

Oh, and if you're interested: Twitter me.

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